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SSB Interview CDS NDA Exams Defence Entrance Coaching Corporate Executive Development at Bhopal
Established in 1999 ~ NOW INDIA'S BEST INSTITUTE  ~ Centrally located in India at Bhopal
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Program Team Headed by MAJGEN MPS KANDAL (FIE, ME, MA Psychology) Ex Commandant and President 18 SSB Selection Center Allahabad

Centrally located... Easy access from all parts of India.

Package Includes Personality development, General Awareness Communication, etc.....

Boarding & lodging facility for men and women

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Your few days of value based education influenced my heart. To build character to achieve minimum level of moral and ethical literacy $ build fundamental traits of characters such as honesty, compassion. Courage, compassion persistence and responsibility to be a better human being.

Your lessons to be optimistic & commandments of success will always help me to extract my best.


Nitesh Takle

Let me add one more thing, SSB or no SSB this 14 days is fruitful for any one who desires to do well in life. Even if I was not recommended, actually I got success even before I went for SSB. I was a better human being after 14 days. My thinking about others improved.




O.P. Nain

In deed the institute is a boon for our family as two years back my Brother was also blessed by the same.




Lt. Sonali Kadam

The qualities you have tried to imbibe in us during the training will help me throughout my army career. I have been the proud recipient of AEC gold medal the credit for which also goes to you and your institute.




Ranjan Pandey

It has been exactly 18 months since I first come to C.S. institute for training of the SSB. Even after one year of grueling training at the Indian Military Academy. Dehradun, I still remember each and every word what you said during the training period. I must thank my stars that I took a correct decision and came to you for the guidance.


What I realized after 12 months of training at IMA is whatever you taught me during that period is not restricted to SSB itself but applies to life as well.




Vijay Reddy

The guidance given here prepares a candidate not only for SSB but also for the whole life. After taking a full session here change automatically occur in a candidate.




Rakesh Kumar

I have realized here is by this institution not only I was trained for SSB but a great positive change has come in my personality. My perspective is changed greatly and as psycho sir told me my thinking became positive. One thing I must say that everyone, no matter whether he is SSB aspirant must join this institution. As here our whole attitude towards life and others changes to a great extent. One more thing is that I have learnt hire that how to learn from others.




Sheetal Chouhan

The training here , helped me to develop the ability to question & search their answers logically. The best thing, I like about this institute is that multidimensional development of one's personality is emphasized and encouraged.

I was fortunate enough to be here under your guidance, for a few days & learn things that, I will definitely remember for my lifetime.



Amay Bajaj
Raghav Shandilya
Aditya Jain
Surabhi Dutta Dushyant Goswami
Nikhil Tomer
Sonali Kadam
Anumeha Parashar
Sheetal Chauhan
Divya Pandit
Nirmith Singh Thakur
Rohan Chatarjee
Dheeraj K Vishwakarma
Vipul Bhardwaj
Chintamani Telang
Vishal Sharma
Vivek Sharma
Atul Shrivastava
Rahul Malik
Vivek Tiwari
Satyakireet N.
Rajesh Kumar
Tanmay Jain Robin Abraham Aisha Gandhi Abhinav Sudan Amit Mattalwar
Ruchika Pandey Abhinandan Dixit Pushpraj Singh Vibhore Joshi Pushpraj Singh
Paramveer Singh Shashank Yadav
Pranay Tiwari
Aditya Jain
Ata - Ur - Rahman
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