So that one may learn, improve and get selected through genuine personality improvement which is feasible and the right of every educated human being.
Certainly. At least 60% candidates getting selected are repeaters!
Certainly, But not through cramming or practicing SSB tests only. It needs education and genuine improvement in thinking, attitude and all round development ! Remember it is training that makes an ordinary jawan to be ready to die on his officers orders!
Certainly, with your determination and proper training at a good Institute.
Ask your friends who have attended such coaching or training. Prefer "training" to "coaching". Good training is powerful. Experience, level and reputation of the faculty is critical. Preferably visit & discuss with faculty members.
You have to decide. Rs 8400/- and 2 weeks for a lifetime of honor & glory - is it too much? Today some MNCs spend up to Rs 10000/- per day for attitude and values - training of a single manager.
Through a unique personality based training package designed and conducted by Maj Gen MPS Kandal (Retd.) MSc, ME, FIE, MA (Psychology) Ex - Commandant and president 18 SSB, Selection Center Allahabad. He takes personal responsibility of candidates training development & progress.
Your friend and well wisher:
Er C. S Kandal
BE, MBA, MA (Psychology)
+91-755 - 4234963, 2660598, 09893034963

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Established on 15 July 1999, the Institute provides personality training to young men and women aspiring to become officers in the Armed Forces of the nation, through selection by the Services Selection Board (S.S.Bs.) In addition.

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